The Comfy Cottage | The Sims 4 House Build

The Comfy Cottage

 I am a big fan of The Sims franchise and I'm always playing it. I find myself spending more time in CAS and playing with households than I am creating buildings. I have been watching a lot of XUrbanSimsX, TheSimSupply, Kaleidow, Lilsimsie and Deligracy recently and they inspire me so much, I decided that I want to start creating builds to see how good I can get.

I decided to recreate a version of Kaleidow's tiny heart home to push me out of my comfort zone with the shape of the house. This house is for a one sim household though I'm sure you could add more beds if you rearranged the furniture. I honestly love the outcome of this house, it's cosy, full of plants, pretty and a great starter home, I'm proud of what I achieved.

Here are a few screenshots of the build:

To see it in more detail check out my YouTube video:

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