Vatore Siblings // Townie Makeover | The Sims 4

Caleb and Lilith look like two average siblings you would walk past everyday and the reason for that is because this is them in their human form. Yes, they are not as they appear...
At night they change, their body takes another form, one of a vampire!

During the day they go to the gym to exercise and do yoga, go out to cafe's for lunch, they hang out with their friends at the bowling alley and clubs but you can never get too close to them, especially at night because if they get too thirsty you may just become their next victim! No matter who you are!

Caleb and Lilith are very close, they are best friends and are very protective of each other. When they were children their parents were killed by another vampire whilst they were at school and when they became young adults they moved to Forgotten Hollow in hopes to find this mysterious powerful vampire that killed their parents. They practice their fighting and defense skills and their vampire powers all through the night so that they can become the best vampires in the world and not have anyone be able to defeat them but will they find their parents killer? 
and what will happen once they do?

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