SIMSMAS DAY THREE // The Davenports | The Sims 4

Ten years ago Robi and Damien met at a Christmas party at work, they soon became great friends and eventually a couple. Three years later on Christmas Eve, Damien took Robi on a date to a three star michelin restaurant and proposed to him. They got married a year later in November and had a month long honeymoon travelling America and their last stop was to New York where they celebrated Christmas by working in soup kitchens, giving to homeless people and gifting presents to childrens homes. That is where they met Simon, who at the time was only three and a half years old and they fell in love with him. After weeks of paper work, appointments and meetings with Simon they were able to adopt him. 
And the past two years, Robi and Damien had been wanting to adopt another child but didn't have any luck with the adoption services. They read in magazines how celebrities would travel to developing countries and adopt the children in need there. So that is exactly what they did, they traveled all the way to another country and met lots of children from all ages. They found it difficult bonding with these children, they were shy, unhappy and confused by all of these adults around, and they almost gave up until they met Sabrina, she wandered away from everyone to go play with the local Donkey's. She wasn't scared of them, she was friendly and curious. That captured their eyes and they knew instantly she was the child they wanted to adopt and call their daughter. After a few months, she got to meet her big brother Simon and her early Christmas present, a puppy they named Snowball.

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I hope that you enjoyed watching me make them come to life and if you want to put them in your game go to my Origin account - BoundByDuty. 
Be sure to come back everyday up until December 25th to see which Christmas characters or builds I will be creating.



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