SIMSMAS DAY TWO // Santa & Mrs Claus w/ Blitzen | The Sims 4

Santa Claus is a legendary figure who brings gifts to all the good behaved children of the world every year at night on Christmas Eve for the children to open up on Christmas Day. Mrs Claus helps the Elves at the North Pole make cookies, caring for the reindeers and preparing toys with her husband. Blitzen is one of Santa's fastest reindeer, he can charge up all of the reindeers with his lightening burst. He prefers to stay at home with Santa whilst the other reindeers like to stay in their own stable with the Elves.

Santa and Mrs Claus are soulmates, best friends, they love each other more than anything. They always care and support one another. Everything they do, they practically do together.

Blitzen is very loyal to them, he loves them and always wants to be by their side. That's why he decided to stay with them instead of with the other reindeers and elves. Though he does spend time with his siblings often. He is friendly to everyone.

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I hope that you enjoyed watching me make them come to life and if you want to put them in your game go to my Origin account - BoundByDuty. 
Be sure to come back everyday up until December 25th to see which Christmas characters or builds I will be creating.



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